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Angol fordítás

Árpád This time when I come out from the warm to the cold, I’m trembling, I don’t know what the hell is with me. But I don’t think that I’m sick. Afterwards I’m getting used to it, and it’s off.
Reporter Can this wall be? Árpád: This wall is two meter thick precisely, you can measure it, this is an exactly two meter concrete wall. There isn’t any one-one-one-one-one ten centimetres stolen out from it.
Reporter How big fundament has it?
Árpád Well, from the threshold, downwards from the threshold it’s one meter. Upwards it’s three meters (high) plus the roof and the ceiling structure. That will be made of one meter twenty thick concrete. Well, I hope in the next year, I’ll able to, I’m gonna finish it.
Reporter Has here ever been a shadoof?
Árpád Yes, it’s still fit for use, but currently I don’t apply it and that’s the reason why I’ve covered it to prevent the nut leaf to fall into it. Because then…
Árpád It can almost be applied as a bath pool. Well, it’s approximately when it says that I’ve made it on the 7th month of 1981 er 20th of August, 1981. From energy economy and 40 buckets of gravel. There was an acid proof outlet pipe in it and that’s why it won’t corrode ever.
Árpád These 23 rails were put up for approximately 3.800 HUFs. Because I can prove it by documents because I’ve given them 1.000 HUF drink money for him to come here to erect the columns but despite he didn’t come and it lies on the ground. So it is.
Árpád So, here can be found by every 30 centimetres a rail, by every 30 centimetres, and there are 13 four-fibrillar armatures bound into the crowning that is puddled in the concrete. The ends of those cannot be seen, because…
Reporter And will those plenty of stones be all put on that ?
Árpád They all will be continuously built in, because it will be approximately once more as high as it is, the whole will be in the same level, it will be as high.
Reporter And then is it cast concrete ?
Árpád Cast concrete, however, this whole is made of it. Its edge is wired by armoured wire, and in my opinion it will endure what it have to. It’ll endure a 500 kgs per square cm pressure in a need.
Reporter And have you planned any air ventillation?
Árpád Ventilation, it will done through the emergency exit, because in the external pressure proof doors there will be some acid proof pipes, and er and taps, valves and everything will be built in that, such that will be needed, so…
Árpád Where do you work?
Reporter In the meat trade.
Árpád So this is just for yourself’ sake.
Reporter And haven’t you thought about the renovation of your house ?
Árpád Look, I thought that I would build continuously to the same level of this (the structure) on pillars like the storage lake of Gergõugorja, and then this building for circa ten years, if I’ll have a family, It will be worth building, if I won’t have a family, It won't be worth building, in that case I’ll just renovate it, and that’s it.
Árpád …concrete, one meter twenty high, and I’ll try to put a two meter thick earth layer on it in a pyramid figure
Reporter So it will be almost as high as the neighbour’s house.
Árpád Well, almost. Almost. For me this will be the question of money. Unfortunately here on the Earth we must think of it as a question of money but when we get out to a planet orbital space or to two stellar orbital spaces, there everything is a question of substance, force and energy. If we have substance, we can make that, convert that by using force and energy corresponding to our needs but if we’ll haven’t got that, if any of them will be missing, then the whole will be over, we won’t make anything. Then we’ll have just devastation in my opinion. So that’s why I’m thinking in that way, I’m thinking on the long run because according to me there is no other way.
Árpád That’s a hovel
Reporter And what do you intend to do in that?
Árpád In that ? Well, er I’ll (use it) as a summer kitchen, currently a lumber room, later it will be a summer kitchen or a small gadgeteering workshop. I would like a machine or something like that so…
Reporter Have you cast those columns or brought them here?
Árpád I’ve made those.
Reporter Will they be also bulit in?
Árpád Well, I say this whole will be bulit in, here will be so, a level built on concrete exactly…
Reporter …We borrow it
Reporter Who’s your neighbour?
Árpád My neighbour is hydrographical engineer and his wife is a doctor, she’s working at the hospital of Mátészalka.
Árpád Huh, that’s a package of wrap actually, because you can put rice, bean or anything in that and that won’t become radioactive. Even if it gets under water, nothing will happen with it. It can be protected against funguses and insects; it’s an ideal wrap material.
Reporter And will those concrete cubes be put up here?
Árpád Those concrete cubes will be put here, upon the earth layer, in pyramid figure, will be here, will be finished. Actually I plan to do so.
Reporter And why are collecting these glasses?
Árpád I’m collecting those glasses because I’ll apply them in a need. I apply them for what I can.
Reporter But you haven’t filled in them anything, have you?
Árpád No, I haven’t. I’ll do some experimental things, I’ll act out the technology and when it works, this waste recycling will also work. Because substantially the concrete itself is a waste recycling, but many people unfortunately don’t know it.
Reporter But you need a lot of energy by manufacturing concrete…
Árpád Er look, you only need a glue material for that. If you armour it well, and in its essence, you put together concrete, concrete debris and concrete glue material, that’s such a perfect thing that you needn’t better. In my opinion…
Reporter I’m just thinking on that
Árpád Cast, cast concrete
Reporter …how…
Árpád ..Manufacturing…
Reporter … but you need a lot of energy for baking the cement…
Árpád Well, I don’t know that because I’ve never been interested in cement manufacturing, for me it is essential to be a good quality cement.
Árpád In the summer time, it would be a such such such summer table actually, a big round table and I would like to reduce this to powder and afterwards put it together with concrete and thus I could make a big round table from it. Essentially that would be a good granule structure.
Árpád This could be applied for air filter
Reporter What was it earlier ?
Árpád It was a spin drier, a revolving part.
Reporter It must be made of a good material.
Árpád This is an acid proof material.
Reporter And how could you get it ? Did you buy it?
Árpád I bought it.
Árpád I go and put on the fire, because it’s extincted.
Reporter OK
Reporter …those you’ve collected?
Árpád Look, everything that exists in our world is utilizable, the entire world is a utilizable waste depository, isn’t it ? And in my opinion, everything can be collected, I collect the aluminium, the copper, I collect everything that is utilizable, because everything can be used, utilized. You only have to know how should it be utilized. There is everything here like paper horn, I bring in the wood, the firewood in order to prevent bringing in mud when I go out. There’ s no great order at me but I live on how I can.
Reporter There is no woman here at this house, is there?
Árpád There isn’t.
Reporter And do you want to get married?
Árpád Er, I hope so that I’ll able to get married, now it’s beyond hope, er I don’t know, how it will be.
Reporter You’ve mentioned that you have a fiancée.
Árpád Yes, now I’ve a fiancée, and in the nearer future, if everything is OK I’ll get married.
Reporter Is she also similar-minded ?
Árpád Look, the fact that these things are not packed together, these things can be packed out from here, the flat can be cleaned and redecorated, and then there’s no problem with it. The fact that up to this moment I did it like this, look if I let something out in the garden that will surely disappear. If I bring it here in, it won’t disappear. That would be treated as a burglary, isn’t it? I cannot tell you any more.
Reporter Where does your fiancée work ? What does she do ?
Árpád She works at the same place as I do. And for the hosiery at Mátészalka.
Reporter Yes, I see, and what do you do there?
Árpád I’m a van-guard and a van driver.
Reporter For how much time have you been working there ?
Árpád For almost twelve years.
Reporter How old are you ?
Árpád Now ? Er, I was born on the 27th May, 1952, so now I’m 37.
Árpád Look, my life was going in that way that I began dealing with agricultural land when I was an apprentice, but somehow my father didn’t allow me to deal with land at home. I’ve already realized during the Arab-Israeli War that in my opinion, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county worth more than the Sinai peninsula, and that’s why I tried to do the thing that if my father doesn’t allow me the gardening at home then I do an encircled garden for myself. I’ve extended the vineyard that I’ve inherited from my mother from 260? to 800? and I’ve planted 280 sour-cherry trees on it, and when I cleaned the soot off, and I recultivated the land, I was working on it on the whole summer like an animal, I ploughed the land with my pure hand that, that land, and I planted 280 sour-cherry trees, and when it would like to crop, so when it would have turned to crop, the thing was that land office has alienated it, and I had to sell it. Because my mother died, and I’ve inherited this land and the personal land property was brought in the public thought and for me wasn’t allowed only 4004 square meters. That wasn’t enough because when my father died even this garden was taken away which is an inlot and I couldn’t do even here farming. Thus I had no other solution and even my divorce intervened, because once I’d already been married, my divorce intervened and a legal process was conducted against me so my three year hard and honest work was stolen in three months time, in three hours time, or let’s say in three minutes time, so nothing more was left for me. You are forced to arbitrary justice and to murder, you are treated by the court as a liar, debtor, robber and murderer. You are convicted so. I could not other thing to do so.
Reporter Hadn’t you had a good advocate?
Árpád My advocate had just wanted to sweep the money in, he hasn’t even come to the trial. He hasn’t represented my interest, he just got the money. He did so, and he didn’t do any more. He ’s just collected the money on the value and nothing more. Afterwards he sent me out a document that I could write in my ID card that…
Árpád Have that yourself done, that’s why I got out these old foreigner newspapers, I put all these in a shop bag, and I’ll take to her. What she likes, she takes away.
Reporter And then you’ll choose the bride’s cloth from it ?
Árpád She’ll make such (cloth) for herself what she wants. I don’t want to make anything wrong. I prefer everything that is good, essentially, that that is intact and healthy or good working. You can see that I have even a Hi-fi tower, the Tv set stands on the cricket. So I’m not a rich man…
Reporter Haven’t you painted that picture, have you ?
Árpád No, that picture was painted by a man called Mr.Gém, who lived in Kocsord earlier. He made some holy pictures and icons for the church. And we had a small picture which title was „Goose on lake swim through’” in a small size circa 10x15 cms, and it was enlarged, enlarger, my mother had this enlarged in that time. So this old Mr. Gém…
Reporter What was the title of the picture?
Árpád Look at this, here it is, Gém, the old Mr.Gém.
Reporter Yes, but the title of the picture ?
Árpád "Goose on lake swim through"
Reporter And what does it mean ?
Árpád Er look, I don’t know
I We’re going, thank you, good bye ! Árpád: Bye bye ! And Happy New Year ! (Let me ask you…)
Reporter You can begin !
Sándor My name is Sándor Szalacsi, I live in **** street **. and ………when?
Reporter And what could you tell about Árpád Fogarassy?
Sándor Er, Árpád is one year younger than I am, … may be…one year… because I attended the (elementary) school with his sister, Maolvin, and I can tell nothing more about him. Árpád is…younger than me… one year. Malvin my schoolmate….was earlier.
Reporter How does he work ? Is he a good worker ?
Sándor Surely. Surely good worker. Árpád is surely a good worker. His sister was…. born at the same time as I was. So I cannot tell you any more. Please turn it off.
Reporter And what do you know about his structure?
Sándor Er, about his structure I know that the council…. he got the thing for the structure…how could I tell you….for this structure he got the permission from the council… how.. how could I express this to you… he got everything for this structure and 300 thousand lite’ 30 thousand or I don’t know… some structure…that liter for 300 thousand 30 thousand liter water-tank he got the permission…and..
Reporter And what will be this structure for ?
Sándor Er, this, from the part of Kocsord council he got the permission,…this…for…the exploitation of oxygen… this kind of thing I’ve heard…according to my knowledge… that thirty… that the oxygen is when… 30 thousand liter water tank…from the structure’s…part…he’ll utilize when hydraulics…or…I don’t know.
Reporter And does it also protect against nuclear raid ?
Sándor Not, Yes, It doesn’t protect against that, but Árpád has explained so that…he’ll take out the…oxygen…from water. Do you get it ? He’ll take out the oxygen from water…er…from 30 thousand liter…
Sándor Take a picture from two meters…from four!
Sándor Why don’t you record the rubber carpet ?!
Árpád Now I’ve changed my clothes if…
Sándor Hi !
Árpád Hello !
Sándor Hi !
Sándor It was one bucket…
Sándor Please come !
Sándor I haven’t been either, just something, I don’t know…
Sándor Armoured crowning…. That’s why there is armoured crowning in it…this…the crowning is in that because…the theme of the armouring will be into… Are you now recording me ?
Árpád Here will there be a drop-door….
Sándor By the way I’m Sándor Szalacsi… Are you watching now ?
Árpád Have you taken pictures from the well-sweep ?
Sándor Is it good? OK?
Sándor My younger brother should see it…
Sándor Here V’s ? daughter, she lives here in the…
Sándor And here directly, in this…

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